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Trends you will 'FALL' in love with this Autumn

It’s November. The days are shorter, and the nights are longer. The clocks have gone back, which means we are well and truly into the new captivating season...Autumn. As the leaves begin to fall, the sky becomes gloomier and the temperature gradually drops– we know it’s the perfect time to snuggle up and get your house ready for the season. Autumn is in full swing. Think carved pumpkins, crackling bonfires, enchanting sunsets and spiced lattes. It’s time to transform your home and get it cosy. Adorn your home with an abundance of texture and tones.

As the saying goes, ‘trick or treat’? We think you should treat yourself this season – go on, you deserve it and we at PN Home are here to show you how! Get snug! Put your feet up, make a cuppa and enjoy our favourite picks below.

Florence Snuggle Chair

Snuggle up! It’s in the name. Introducing PN Home’s Florence Snuggle Chair’. Grab your favourite book, a blanket, and some hot chocolate…put your feet up and simply relax. Yes, please! As the nights get colder and darker, we find the need to curl up into our safe space this Autumn. Upholstered in a soft plush grey velvet with button detailing, metal studs and wooden legs. A true love affair between traditional and modern. Add an edgy and contemporary statement piece in your personal sanctuary!

Olivia Fabric Chair

Majestically crafted and exquisitely designed. Exclusive to PN Home. Introducing the ‘Olivia Fabric Chair’. Sit back and relax. Cuddle into the soft hand-stitched upholstered surroundings. This mid-century Eiffel inspired chair combines both comfort and style. We pride ourselves on ensuring an ultimate seating comfort experience. The tub design and sweeping armrests are complemented by wooden angled legs. Make a statement in your home this autumn.

Available in cream, brown and dark grey. Available in sets of one, two and four and as a dining set.

Zarah Armchair

Relax and unwind. Elevate your space with Zarah. Our in-house design team at PN Home have carefully sculptured the Zarah Armchair. The sweeping silhouette has been upholstered in a rustic natural-grain faux leather. Effortlessly curving around the shape of your body – it’s the ideal space for snuggling into. Functionally designed yet aesthetically pleasing. Radiating notions of warmth and comfort – this chair is ideal for sheltering away from the dreary outside. Ideal for use as accent chairs or as accompanying dining chairs in your home. Add some glam in your humble abode! 

Available in four autumn-inspired earthy warm hues (dark brown, brown, grey and beige) in a single, set of 2 or set of 4.

Orla Range

Rustic and reclaimed. Isn’t it simply beautiful? Our Orla range at PN Home exudes an effortless merge between classic and contemporary style. Where country meets the city. Exquisitely crafted with a rustic oak effect finish and sleek black handles. The oak finish adds a touch of warmth- perfect for that farmhouse feel! This sleek yet sophisticated style radiates an understated charm and elegance. Perfect for your pocket and your home!

PN Home’s Orla collection comprises of a range of furniture ready to charm every room in your house. Here are a few of our favourites: Orla 4 Drawer ChestOrla 4 + 2 ChestOrla Bed, and Orla 3 Door + 2 Drawer Wardrobe.

Sienna Dimpled Antique Brass

We love the ‘Sienna Dimpled Antique Brass’ globe pendant lights. Gather everyone around the dining table and these lights will surely be a topic of conversation. Perfect for adorning any modern and classic living spaces. The simplistic yet stylish design can be adorned itself or it can be paired with other pendants to enhance its individual beauty. Keep right on trend this season. Add some light in your home this Autumn!

Glen Kilry Rug


Autumn vibes all around! Invite the colours of the season into your home. Orange tones, dark reds and purple hues are right on trend! Bringing the outdoors in. PN Home’sGlen Kilry Rugs’ are available in an array of colours – although, our fav is the tan (see above). Majestically crafted with a timeless tartan design. Old is gold. Crafted with durable polypropylene, stain resistant, and wipeable – perfect for the littluns! Bring a sense of warmth and tradition into your home! 

The New LUX Chair Collection

Every seat has a storyIntroducing our newest collection of luxury chairs – you will simply fall in love with. It’s time for a new love affair this season. Velvet interior design trends continue to capture our hearts at PN Home. Velvet is taking over – and it’s the hottest trend right now! Whether you prefer a [...]

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The Beauty of Geometry

‘The object of art is to give life a shape’ – William ShakespeareWhat is geometry in interior design? All things relating to shapes, lines, angles, points and curves come to mind. But ultimately geometric designs come back to one thing – shape. Take a look around geometry is all around us. We are constantly surrounded [...]

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What is Scandi-Style?

The Story of Scandinavian DesignThe Scandinavian interior design philosophy has captured the hearts of millions from each corner of the world. Encompassing both beauty and functionality. PN Home are influenced by design trends that satisfy both your eyes and your soul.Beauty is in simplicityOriginated in the 1930’s. Minimalism, functionality and practicality are the guiding principles of the Scandinavian design movement. Influenced [...]

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Back to School Guide: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

*Beep beep* the repetitive beeping of the alarm clock wakes you up. Are you ready? It’s time to get the kids ready to go back to school - once again. Mornings can be stressful enough. Parents all over the country are getting ready to juggle getting the kids out of bed, making breakfast, packing lunch boxes – and oh [...]

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Furniture, Fabric and Fun: Bring Your Home Design to Life

Take a look around. Texture is all around us. Interior design furnishings can be described as being hard, soft, rough, smooth, glossy, matte – or anything in-between. At PN Home we know texture adds depth and dimension to every room. But what does this mean for you?Let texture be the starWe live in a world with [...]

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Shades of Summer: Feel inspired this season

Summer is in the air. The sweet sound of birds twittering, flowers swaying in the warm breeze and the sunshine radiating on our skin. That’s how we would describe an ideal summer, but sadly we are more accustomed to the rain and wind (well hey, we live in England). It’s fair to say summer weather enjoys playing with our emotions. [...]

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Rocking in Retro: How to Get the Retro Look

It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll... or rock ‘n’ retro should I say! Here at PN Home we love the mid-century modern vibe. Retro interior design embraces style and trends from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. These interiors symbolise a ‘free’ society – focused on individual expression and social liberation.Good vibes only. At PN Home our warm and playful furnishings emanate [...]

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​Cheap to Chic: Getting a high-end look on a budget (with PN Home)

Enchanting fabrics, alluring colours, extraordinary architecture... high-end interior design has a habit of capturing our attention – and keeping it. So why not add elements of elegance into your own home?Here at PN Home, we know you can achieve the look of luxury for less – without breaking the bank! We provide you with the answers for channelling opulence within [...]

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​​Beauty in Bloom: Spring Clean your Humble Abode the PN Home Way

Spring is the season of rebirth. A new season awakens the desire for us to rejuvenate our homeand surroundings. Spring is in full swing with all the buds, blossoms, and blooms. The essenceof spring evokes optimism and prosperity. This is the perfect time to invite the sunshine andenergy into your humble abode as we trade winter decor for something [...]

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