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Embrace the Barbie Craze with PN Home!

Hey there, fellow decor enthusiasts! Get ready to step into a world of pink-tastic charm as we dive into the Barbie movie craze and how it’s taking the home decor scene by storm! Remember that catchy song “I’m a Barbie Girl, in the Barbie World”? Well, it’s time to bring that playful spirit into your home with PN Home’s fabulous collection of pink chairs. Get ready to embrace the Barbie vibe with these chairs designed to add a splash of color, fun, and style to your living spaces! Tickled Pink... Read More


Embracing Scandinavian Influence: A Refreshing Take on Modern Interior Furniture Designs

Welcome back, dear readers! Today, we delve into the fascinating world of interior design, exploring the captivating influence of Scandinavian aesthetics on modern furniture designs. Over the years, Scandinavian style has taken the world by storm with its clean lines, functional approach, and effortless elegance. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the timeless appeal of Scandinavian-inspired interiors and how they have transformed modern living spaces. The Essence of Scandinavian Design Scandinavian design is rooted in simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Inspired by the region’s natural beauty and... Read More


Traditional vs Scandinavian Christmas Interior Decor Ideas

You’re sleigh-in’ it with PN Home The lights are up, the cupboards are stocked up and festive music is in the air. Christmas is undeniably – our favourite time of the year. Whether you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year- let your home décor do the talking. It’s time to deck the halls! Spruce up your masculine digs, feminine glam pads, or even your family home. It’s all in the details. Whether you go for right-on-trend Christmas Scandinavian decor or something more traditional and luxurious… we have got... Read More


The Timeless Charm of Round Dining Tables

When it comes to selecting the perfect dining table for your home, the options are endless. From rectangular to square and oval to round, each shape brings its unique charm and functionality to the dining area. Among these, the round dining table stands out as a timeless and versatile choice that has been adorning homes for centuries. In this blog, we will explore the various reasons why round dining tables remain a popular choice, their advantages, and how they can enhance your dining experience. Featuring the JAMIE TULIP LORENZO HALO... Read More


Summer Refresh Dining Chair Ideas: Tips for a Stylish Upgrade

Welcome, fellow design and home décor enthusiasts, to my humble blog! With the scorching summer heat at its peak, it’s the perfect time to revamp your dining space and create an oasis of relaxation. While most people focus on the usual aspects of summer décor, I’m here to share some out-of-the-box ideas for refreshing your dining chairs. Let’s dive into a world of creativity and explore unconventional points that will make your dining area truly stand out! Embrace Nature-Inspired Colours Summer is synonymous with the great outdoors, so why not... Read More


Top 5 Dining Chair Designs in 2022!

Comfort, style, budget, and function. These are a few of the key factors we think about when designing and manufacturing our dining chairs. From a practical perspective, we spend the majority of our time sitting down – when we are eating, drinking, working or simply just chilling. And…we believe you should be sitting in ultimate comfort. Whether your style is minimalistic or bold, we have something to suit all styles and budgets. We have welcomed some new designs this past year, and are here to showcase our top picks! 1.... Read More


PN Home are awarded ‘Best Modern Furniture & Accessories Retailer – Leicestershire 2022’!

We are delighted to announce PN Home has been awarded as ‘Best Modern Furniture & Accessories Retailer – Leicestershire‘ from Midlands Enterprise Awards 2022 hosted by SME News. This award symbolises the hard work and dedication we have displayed throughout the Midlands region and beyond.  The Midlands Enterprise Awards reward hard working individuals and firms hailing from the Midlands region for their innovations in business practise as well as their outstanding overall practice. And this is exactly why we have been awarded as number one! PN Home provides award-winning products and services –... Read More


Get your garden summer ready

The A L G A R V E Garden Furniture Set Get your garden summer ready with the Algarve Outdoor Furniture Set! Just in time for the long bank holiday weekend celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! Exquisitely curated with the perfect blend of craftsmanship, design, style, detail and comfort. From production, to port, to your door – every step of the production process has been carefully thought out. The Algarve range is exclusive to PN Home. Inspired by natural elements; a concoction of woven textures, warm colours and delicate fabrics.... Read More


Now Trending: The Dorchester Dining Table

Introducing… The Dorchester Lux Dining Table The latest edition to the PN Home Lux collection. A dining table curated with attention to detail and utmost precision. A concoction of high-quality luxurious elements complimented to achieve the ultimate table of your dreams. Featuring premium quality MDF, gold detailing, and sturdy metal legs. The merge between design, style and practicality is effortless. It’s time to adorn your home and refresh your dining area in some serious style. Why play it safe when you can go all out? Marble is right-on-trend and its... Read More


Spring Clean your home with PN Home

‘Out with the old, in with the new’ Spring is the season of rebirth. A new season awakens the desire for us to rejuvenate our home and surroundings. Spring is in full swing with all the buds, blossoms, and blooms. The essence of spring evokes optimism and prosperity. This is the perfect time to invite the sunshine and energy into your humble abode as we trade winter decor for something brighter. As the saying goes, ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Struggling for inspiration? It’s easy to... Read More


Mother’s Day home decor gift ideas 2022

TOP 5 favourite gift ideas 1. Harper Patchwork Armchair – £280.00 Fun, colourful and quirky! It really is out of this world! The Harper Patchwork Armchair has been meticulously crafted and designed with utmost precision to detail. Upholstered in a soft polyester patchwork design and cushioned foam seating! Comfort levels are premium. This chair is the perfect gift – suitable for a variety of interior settings. Lending itself perfectly to a modern or traditional setting. Buy a Mother’s Day gift to remember. Treat your loved ones. The unique shape of... Read More