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What is Scandi-Style?

The Story of Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian interior design philosophy has captured the hearts of millions from each corner of the world. Encompassing both beauty and functionality. PN Home are influenced by design trends that satisfy both your eyes and your soul.

Beauty is in simplicity

Originated in the 1930’s. Minimalism, functionality and practicality are the guiding principles of the Scandinavian design movement. Influenced by the physical characteristics of the Nordic region. Prolonged dark winters keep people confined to the indoors for many days, weeks, and months at a time. The desire for light, bright yet cosy and cheerful environment is pervasive. The hallmarks of this modernist style centres around clean lines, creativity and craftsmanship.

Out with the old, in with the Nordic

Here at PN Home we have a collection of furniture and furnishings perfect for adding scandi-cool vibes in your home. We find the balance between modesty and extravagance, traditional and modern, and old and new.

Lumia CollectionElegance beyond aesthetic

Make a statement. Elegantly designed and impeccably structured. PN Home’s Lumia collection has been carefully curated with an emphasis on design and functionality. Inspired by Scandinavian interior design trends. Lumia merges together natural and synthetic materials. The warmth from the traditional oak simultaneously contrasts and compliments the modern high gloss finish. Clean lines and simplistic configurations. Our inhouse design team have ensured products within this range are practical for families. 

Stylish yet practical, our products are heat and scratch resistant whilst being easy to clean – perfect for cleaning up after the little’uns!

Lumia range features a dining tablecoffee tablewall shelf, cabinet and sideboards– perfect for adorning your kitchen to your living room.

Solna CollectionClean lines

Unconventionally designed yet practically structured. Stylish, smooth and super-slick - introducing the Solna range. Inspired by trends within the Nordic region. This collection features a white gloss finish with an oak trim. The contemporary structure is complemented with a natural colour palette. Handle-free doors and soft-hinges are features of the Solna range. The scratch and stain resistant surface help keep the high-gloss finish looking good as new. Ideal for traditional and contemporary family environments. Functional, minimalistic, and practical. This collection is perfect for adding a dose of Scandinavian flair within your home.

Solna range features a dining table, coffee tablecabinetsideboardcupboardwall shelf, chest of drawers and wardrobe.

Nordic CollectionCountry meets the city

Organically designed. Refined yet rustic. Nordic and nice. The Nordic collection focuses on natural materials and neutral colours. Scandinavian interior design originates from characteristics within the northern lands. Respect for nature is paramount. The Nordic collection compliments natural elements of wood and metal. Inspiration from reclaimed and reinvented materials with imperfect finishes compliments this scandi-style. Set on round-tapered legs and contrasting drawer fronts and handles. An earthy and neutral colour palette featuring shades of white, grey and beige has been reflected in the distressed paintwork. The streamlined framework contributes to the unconventional design aesthetic. Tired of your surroundings and fancy a change? Add some urban chic to your home.

Nordic range features a 2+2 drawer chest2+3 drawer chest, 3 drawer chest3 drawer bedside chest, 2 door 2 drawer wardrobe and 3 drawer occasional table.

Bergen CollectionRetro charm Sustainably sourced

Retro glam. Timeless aesthetics, clean lines and sustainable. PN Home’s Bergen collection focuses on function, character and style. A harmonious balance between aesthetics and practicality. Set on solid oak legs complimented by a contrasting clean white finish. The clean lines and gently curved handles are a perfect addition to any contemporary environment. Nature is supreme within the Nordic regions. Structurally designed from the natural element of wood. This is perfect for inviting the warmth and sunshine into your home. A Scandinavian flair is echoed through the sleek tapered legs and simplistic configurations. Alluding a modern retro charm with a rustic appeal.

The Sustainable Bergen range features a bookcasesideboardwardrobe, coffee tablechest of drawers and bedside cabinet. Available in 2 contemporary colours: white with matte black or white with an oak finish.

Moda Eiffel Scandinavian Armchair

Let us introduce PN Home’s Moda Eiffel Scandinavian Armchair. Structured, sturdy, and simplistic. Inspired by mid-century design trends, the sleek silhouette is set on oak wooden legs and a black metal frame. The tub design allows you to relax into the seat as the shape contours to your body. Featuring both style and functionality there is no need to compromise. PN Home’s iconic armchair has been ergonomically designed. The wooden legs ensure stability whilst the propylene shell ensures durability. The black metal frame has been formulated to reflect the structure of the Eiffel tower. The tub design with complimentary curves has been structured with armrests to ensure ultimate seating comfort. Nordic themes of minimalism are reflected through the clean lines and gentle curves. Perfect for adorning home and work environments. Add some scandi-style into your personal space.

Available in black and white in sets alone or accompanied with a dining set.

Eiffel Style Dining Chair

Ergonomic seat. Iconic style. Timeless design. Meet PN Home’s ‘Eames inspired’ Eiffel Dining Chair. This iconic classic design from the 50s symbolises a genuine blend between style, function and value. Structured from moulded polypropylene plastic, the chairs are wipeable and durable – perfect for families. Sit back and relax. The ergonomically designed seat has been constructed to ensure maximum seating comfort. The trademark base comprises of wooden legs and an interconnected black metal structure. The metal webbing has been inspired from the architectural structure of the Eiffel tower – adding an element of femininity and masculinity to the overall design. Functional yet fashionable. Complementary curves can be adorned to any space. These are not just mediocre dining chairs but can be adored in your kitchen, office or home.

Available in black or white in sets of one, two and four.  

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