Traditional vs Scandinavian Christmas Interior Decor Ideas

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The lights are up, the cupboards are stocked up and festive music is in the air. Christmas is undeniably – our favourite time of the year. Whether you’re on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year- let your home décor do the talking. It’s time to deck the halls! Spruce up your masculine digs, feminine glam pads, or even your family home. It’s all in the details.

Whether you go for right-on-trend Christmas Scandinavian decor or something more traditional and luxurious… we have got you covered. For Scandinavian inspired interiors think neutral tones, clean lines and minimalism. To achieve that LUX look think jewel tones, velvet fabrics, and metallic finishes. Which look do you prefer?


PN Home Marco Upholstered Dining Chair

Sleek lines, curved edges and muted colours. Scandi-inspired Marco Upholstered Dining Chairs help achieve that Nordic vibe. Crafted with attention to detail with premium quality materials. Upholstered from a high-quality linen and wood effect metal legs to withstand the test of time.

Ultra-stylish and practical. Scandinavian interiors pride themselves on durability, practicality and sustainability. The ergonomically designed foam cushioned seating ensures an ultimate seating experience. The Marco is the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room. Adorn your table with your favourite cutlery, candles, glassware and festive pieces in neutral colours to achieve that perfect Scandinavian look. Let your loved ones dine in comfort this Christmas.

Available to purchase in an array of colours; pinkyellowgreytealcreamrust and wine.

PN Home Valentina Dining Chair

Inspired by classic Scandinavian living the Valentina Dining Chair has been meticulously crafted with precision. A contemporary twist is given on a traditional design. Featuring geometric chrome-finished wire legs with an ergonomically molded polypropylene shell with a waterfall edge. Comfort levels are premium. The angular legs add style and practicality.

Minimalism is achieved through the Valentina. This versatile piece is unique yet durable. In true Scandi-style this chair will be best complemented with natural woods and woven textures.

Available to purchase in black, white, and grey. Fancy something a bit more luxurious? The Valentina is available in a tub style velvet design in a concoction of eclectic jewel tones; black, red, green, blue, dark blue, and grey.

PN Home Valentina Dining Chair and Halo Dining Table

Inspired by iconic mid-century designs. The Valentina Dining Chair has been crafted from polypropylene plastic and metal legs. Paired with the Halo Dining Table in white encapsulates the true Scandi vibe. Manufactured from premium quality materials ensuring durability and practicality.

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the union between natural and manmade materials is striking. Decorate your dining table with a nod to nature with indoor plants, ceramics and glass.

4 or 6 Seating Halo Dining Table in white (also available in black and wood)

PN Home Eiffel Dining Chair

Iconic, innovative and illustrious are just a few humble words to describe this revolutionary masterpiece. Meet the Eames inspired Eiffel​​ Dining Chair. Beautiful and refined. This work-of-art​ helps materialise the Scandinavian spirit into the interior of your home. The ergonomic design does not compromise on style or functionality.

Our in-house design team have perfectly sculptured the seat to adapt to your body shape. Set on beech wooden legs and satin–black webbing aesthetically emanating the Eiffel tower. Perfect for adorning your home this festive season. A timeless aesthetic – symbolising the future as seen from the past.

Available to purchase in the following colourways; white, black and grey.

PN Home Jamie Halo Dining Chairs

Constructed with fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Exclusively designed by our inhouse design team. The Jamie Halo Dining Chairs are our best-seller and we can see why. Meticulously crafted with a polypropylene plastic chair seat and faux leather cushion. Supported with premium quality wooden legs ensures sustainability, practically and durability – all aspects rooted within Scandinavian interior design.

The Jamie Halo Dining Table and Set of 4 Chairs is the dining solution you have been looking for. Where form meets function and style meets sophistication. Exquisitely crafted for everyday use within your dining area. Perfect for gathering the family around this Christmas.

Jamie Halo Dining Table and Set of 4 Chairs

Adorn your home this Christmas with the white Halo Dining Table and white Jamie Tulip Dining Chairs helps achieve the perfect Scandinavian look. The Halo Dining Table is also available to purchase in white, black and oak. The Jamie Tulip Dining Chairs are available to purchase in an array of natural hues blackwhite, pinkgreybrownvanillalime green and royal blue.

Image credit: @insideflat.3


PN Home Darlington Velvet Pouffe

Decorate your humble abode with luxurious pieces that evoke opulence, decadence and class. Go all out for Christmas. Bring a dash of luxury appeal to your living space with PN Home’s Darlington Velvet Pouffe. Majestically crafted from a high-quality soft velvet fabric. Generously padded to make you get that sink-right-in feeling. Complemented with a gold or silver reflective metal base accentuating its natural beauty.

The ideal place to rest your legs, or use as additional seating for your guests this Christmas. Multifunctional and stylish. It ticks all the boxes. Available in an array of colours; black, red, pink, green, blue, grey, vanilla, light pink and baby blue.

Featuring the Darlington Velvet Pouffe in royal blue – credit @myvictoriangem

PN Home New York LUX Dining Chair

It’s time to decorate your dining space this Christmas. The New York LUX Dining Chair is wrapped in a lush soft velvet oozing luxurious glamour. The distinctive silhouette is generously proportioned. Boasting sleek curves with foam-filled cushioning ensuring maximum seating comfort. Sit back and relax this Christmas with a glass of mulled wine.

If you are going trendy, then why not go all the way with luxury Christmas interior design? Exclusively curated in an array of eclectic bright shades; attention-seeking and exaggerated. It’s official: it’s time to ditch those boring wishy-washy neutral shades. Adorn your home with rich jewel-inspired tones.

The New York is finished in an array of colours including blush pink, royal blue, emerald green, dark grey, powder grey and matte black. These shades are accompanied with slender black coated metal legs with silver or gold tips.

PN Home Windsor LUX Dining Chair

Eye-catching figure, graceful silhouette and designer curves. The Windsor Dining Chair is simply breathtaking for all the right reasons. Buttoned scoop back design that cradles your body. Comfort levels are premium. Sweeping arches, soft lines complemented with deep-cushioned sides that make you want to sink-right-in. The studded edge detailing accentuates the sleek shape of the seat. Supported with black wooden legs. Create that decadent dining space that you’ve always been dreaming of with our best-selling velvet upholstered dining chairs – The Windsor Chair. Let your guests dine in luxury this season. Make Christmas a holiday to remember.

Available to purchase in a variety of colours; black, light grey, dark grey and blue.

Featuring the Windsor Dining Chairs in dark grey – credit @shannanwalford

PN Home Oxford Velvet LUX Dining Chair

All eyes on me. A true destination of luxury. PN Home’s iconic Oxford Velvet Chair is sleek, elegant and versatile. Featuring a quilted buttoned back with detailed chrome studs. Sit back and relax with this plush luxe velvet upholstered dining chair. Supported with hard-wearing black rubberwood legs.

Christmas has arrived, but are you ready? It’s time to get into the spirit of the holiday season. Your dining table is the social hub where all your loved ones gather together – it is ultimately the heart of your home. Whether you’re hosting for guests or entertaining the littluns. The dining table is where we raise our glasses, pull our crackers, and scoff a ridiculous amount of food– totally guilt-free! Transform your everyday dining table into a wintry wonderland with posh cutlery, fine china and detailed glassware. Dine in class this Christmas. You can achieve that luxe look on a budget.

Available in blackbluecreamlight greydark grey and dusky pink.

Featuring the Oxford Dining Chair in cream – credit @becomingthemasons

PN Home design ideas reign supreme. Whether you prefer the bold traditional luxurious look over the more subdued Scandinavian design trend, there is no right or wrong. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle this Christmas. At PN Home our unique and versatile pieces help take your living space into a different realm. We wish you a very Merry Christmas from all of us at PN Home.

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