Top 5 favourite dining chairs with armrests

Stuck between deciding whether you need dining chairs with or without armrests? It’s an age-old debate. The perks of armrests are ‘lengthy’ but we have simplified our favourite reasons. They add comfort, style and functionality. And the drawbacks? Well there really aren’t any.

Are you team ‘arms’ or team ‘no-arms’? Well, you know what we mean…We have listed our top 5 favourite dining chairs with armrests. Keep reading, and see what chairs tickle your fancy!

Verona Velvet Dining Chair


‘meaning truth; romantic city in northern Italy’

The Verona Dining Chair is meticulously crafted and upholstered in velvet quilted diamond stitched detailing. Plush soft-to-touch fabric, curved lines and soft edges. Where masculine form meets feminine function. Verona is based upon romantic connotations as it is where Romeo and Juliet was based. It’s love at first sight here! Sink into the plush surroundings and let the chair embrace you with its spacious body and wide arms. Supported with black metal legs in either a chrome or gold tipped finish. Emulating notions of pure luxury and opulence. Relax and dine in style. This love story does not end in a tragedy!

Available to purchase in black, blue, grey, brown and dusky pink. Available to purchase in the following dining sets; Verona Rocco LUX Dining Set and Verona Blaze LUX Dining Set.


Featuring the Verona Velvet Dining Chairs in blue with Extendable Toga Dining Table in white

Vittorio LUX Dining Chair


‘meaning conqueror’

The Vittorio Lux Dining Chair is a winner in every way. It triumphs form, function, and then some. Crafted with armrests to ensure you can relax in style. Comfort levels are premium with foam upholstered grunge textured upholstery. Gold detailing on the legs adds that added oomph and levels up the whole design. Supported with black metal legs to ensure practicality and durability. Quilted diamond design is featured around the whole back to leave a lasting impression from every angle. Add a dose of glamour to your humble abode and get your dining area levelled up!

Available to purchase in black, grey, golden tan and rust. Available to purchase in the following dining sets; Vittorio Blaze LUX Dining Set, Vittorio Rocco LUX Dining Set and Vittorio Duke LUX Dining Set.


Featuring the Vittorio Dining Chairs in black and Blaze Dining Table in ash black

Olivia Fabric Chair


‘symbol of peace’

Symbolising peace, comfort and joy. The Olivia Fabric Chair will surely give you that peace of mind you have been looking for. Need dining chairs that are comfortable, stylish, yet practical? Family friendly and durable. Inspired by Scandinavian interior design ideas. The union between the black metal eiffel frame and linen fabric is unmatched. The unique upholstered dining chair has been crafted to ensure it supports your back where it is needed most and armrests to support the rest of your upper body. Supported with beech wooden legs to add that added Nordic flair.

Available to purchase in grey, cream, light grey and beige. Available to purchase in the following dining sets; Olivia Fabric Halo Dining Set and Olivia Fabric Dallas Dining Set.


Featuring the Olivia Fabric Dining Chairs in cream and Dallas Dining Table in white

Eden Dining Chair


‘meaning paradise; state of bliss’

Emulating notions of peace, tranquility and blissfulness. It really does not get any better. The Eden Dining Chairs have been formulated and designed to live up to its name. The plastic polypropylene shell has been supported with a faux leather cushion to add extra support while sitting. The wide armrests and curvy shape cradles around your body. Stunning, elegant and sophisticated. The merge between Scandinavian elegance and contemporary design is unparalleled. Comfort levels are premium and and the Eden chair will surely leave you in a state of bliss.

Available in black, white, grey and teal. Available to purchase in the following dining set; Eden Halo Dining Set with 4 Chairs.


Featuring the Eden Dining Chairs in white and Halo Dining Table in oak

Tulip Patchwork Tub Chair


‘fun assortment of different patterns’

Feelings of joy and happiness are emulated from our range of Patchwork Dining Chairs with armrests. The fabric upholstery is adorned with an array of different patterns and designs. Unique and memorable. Stylish and practical. Supported with wooden legs to provide that Scandinavian flair to the overall aesthetic. Boasting armrests to allow you to relax or dine in style. Perfect for your kitchen, dining room, office or bedroom. Add a burst of colour into your interior!

Available in a funky multi-coloured or black and white design. Available to purchase in the following dining sets; Tulip Patchwork Halo Dining Set, Chrono Patchwork Halo Dining Table Set with 4 Chairs and Chrono Patchwork Dallas Dining Table Set with 4 Chairs.


Featuring the Tulip Patchwork Tub Chair and Halo Dining Table in white

Whether you go for Verona, Vittorio, Olivia, Eden or Patchwork we have dining chairs with armrests to suit every style and interior. Perfect for minimalistic, traditional, contemporary or Scandinavian interiors. Ergonomic, stylish and oh-so-stunning! Each dining chair has its own unique personality, which is your favourite?

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