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The Beauty of Geometry

‘The object of art is to give life a shape’ – William Shakespeare

What is geometry in interior design? All things relating to shapes, lines, angles, points and curves come to mind. But ultimately geometric designs come back to one thing – shape. Take a look around geometry is all around us. We are constantly surrounded by an abundance of figurative and abstract forms. Furniture is a form of art. A form of expression - and an extension of your identity.

Find your angles and ‘shape’ up your home

At PN Home we know it's easy to become captivated by the charms of geometric-inspired furniture. It’s time to push the boundaries and step out of your comfort zone. From timid to tremendous; whether you decide to introduce geometrical designs one cushion at a time or go all out through patterned carpets and wallpaper. Here at PN Home we provide the perfect balance between style and substance. It’s fair to say we have honoured the natural rules of geometry within our collection of furniture and furnishings- evoking a true sense of harmony.

Take a seat

Take a seat, pop the kettle on and put your feet up. Let’s chat about chairs. It’s undeniable that we spend a large proportion of our lives sitting on chairs. Here at PN Home we pride ourselves on thoughtfully designing our chairs to bridge the gap between character and comfort.

Cecilia Eiffel Dining Chair

Cecilia Eiffel (Chocoberry)

Sculptured with perfection. Introducing the Cecilia Eiffel Dining Chair. Created and manufactured by our inhouse design team at PN Home. Sit in comfort. Sit in style. The ergonomically moulded polypropylene shell ensures ultimate comfort and support. The matte cushion finish has been thoughtfully constructed with premium quality faux leather. This chair is a geometric dream - it has it all – from smooth lines to curved edges and striking angles. The retro-inspired winged shape of the seat contours perfectly to the shape of your body. A fusion between mid-century and contemporary style. The geometric quilted design eludes an understated Scandinavian elegance. The geometric design continues to the lower proportion of the chair. Set on wooden legs and an iconic Eiffel inspired framework synchronises the beauty of geometry- simplicity is key. This chair is ideal for adding some scandi-cool vibes in your space.

The Cecilia dining chair is available in black, white, grey and red. Available to buy as a single, or in sets of two or four.

Lucia Dining Chair

Lucia chair

Lucia Dining Chair

Looking for the perfect chair? Thinking of dressing up the dining room, complimenting your living space or planning to glamourize your office? Look no further the Lucia Dining Chair is here – to the rescue! Our inhouse design team at PN Home have thoughtfully designed this chair with attention to detail. Sculptured with soft-velvet upholstery the delicate texture eludes an understated elegance. The padded seat ensures premium seating comfort. The lush velvet allows you to sink into the plush surroundings. Specifically designed to support the body through its ergonomic backrest - there is no need to compromise on comfort and style. The geometric quilted detail complements the curved backrest achieving a look of luxury though minimalism – as less is definitely more. Set on round tapered wood-effect metal legs ensuring both style and sustainability. Add some glam into your space! This chair is perfect for adorning your kitchen, office or home.

The Lucia dining chair is available in dark blue, blue, pink, grey, and red. The Lucia Deluxe dining chair is available in green (with gold-effect metal legs). Available to buy as a single, or in sets of two or four.

Valentina Dining Chair – Chrome Edition

Valentina Dining Chair 

Minimalistic, functional and stylish. The Valentina Dining Chair effortlessly emulates scandi-chic vibes. Our inhouse design team at PN Home have caringly sculptured every detail of this chair. Emulating a contemporary twist on a traditional design. The ergonomically moulded polypropylene shell has been perfectly formulated to ensure supreme comfort and durability. The waterfall edge provides additional support to help ensure this chair is perfect for daily use. Set on chrome-finished wired legs the geometric angular shape eludes a simplistic contemporary style. This chair perfectly emulates the beauty of geometry through its curved edges and smooth lines. Ideal for use as a statement piece in your office or as stylish dining chairs in your kitchen. The Valentina range is a modern seating solution perfect for adorning your humble abode.

The Valentina dining chair is available in black and white. The Valentina Armchair – Chrome edition is available in black (with black powder-coated wire legs). Available to buy as a single, or in sets of two or four.

Geometric Art Prints

Geometric truth framed print

Geometric Truth Framed Print 

It’s time to add some geometric glam to your home! Whilst glamming up your home - don’t leave your walls out of the fun. Here at PN Home our exclusive collection of framed prints can be used a statement pieces or as complementary furnishings to really pull together the look of a room. Our ‘Geometric Truth Framed Print’ has been carefully designed with a geometric aesthetic eluding a calming tone through the use of muted hues. Our ‘Modern Opulence Framed Print’ has been designed with geometric printed shapes complemented with gold-effect embellishments and bright shades. Whether you prefer something modest of magnificent, something light or bright, something traditional or contemporary – here at PN Home we have some unique prints to satisfy all members of the family!

Geometric Rugs

Spectrum Samba Rug 

Rugs are the perfect shortcut for adding quick and easy geometric vibes in your home! Here at PN Home we know adding a multitude of colour in your homes can be a little daunting. But adding a dash of colour and pattern through the use of rugs will help spruce up your living space with minimal effort. We think it's best for our ‘Spectrum Samba Rug’ to be used as statement pieces. These are best complemented with minimalistic and simplistic surroundings. Less is definitely more in this case as you let the rug do the talking. 

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