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Small space? No problem!

There are literally HUNDREDS of tips, tricks, hacks, and hints out there to help you maximise your small space, whether it’s just one room you’re struggling to organise or your entire home. We’ve put together a Pinterest board with some of our favourite and most-inspiring solutions to the tiny home problem. Some of the ideas are so innovative; it really gets our creative juices flowing!

As well as the small modifications you can make, there are also some bigger changes you can implement to get the most out of your space, like the furniture you put in it. Here are some suggestions for choosing the most effective items for your spatially-challenged rooms!

Dora Corner Sofa Bed


The hub of the house for most people; if you dislike clutter (who does?!), a basic coffee table is no good. Go for something with built-in storage, like the Oakleigh 3 Drawer Coffee Table and hide those remote controls and magazines away.

No guest room to put the ‘in-laws’ when they appear unexpectedly? Invest in a sofa bed instead – two birds, one stone! If you have the space for a corner sofa, we love the Dora Corner Sofa Bed with ottoman-style storage but if not, go for something like the Farrow Medium Sofa Bed, which is a modest 154cm long.

Cube shelving is a standard in most houses nowadays and we don’t see popularity waning anytime soon; it’s versatile, contemporary, and you can easily customise it to suit your style with storage baskets.

Drop-Leaf Dining Set


If you don’t have that many mouths to feed, a space-saving option is a drop-leaf table, like our Drop-Leaf Dining Set, which comes with two cushioned chairs. It gives you room to expand to cater for guests but doesn’t take up a lot of unnecessary room if you’re just a one- or two-person household.

Alternatively, go for a trendy modular look with the Charisma Dining Set; a compact round table with four wedge-shaped stools which tuck away under the table when not in use.

When space is limited, take inspiration from the Japanese and build up! Opt for a taller sideboard like the Corona Buffet Hutch Single Dresser – you’ll get more storage without using more of that precious square footage.

Castello Side Ottoman Bed


You don’t need to be Mr Universe to use one of our ottoman beds - gas pistons make for easy lifting, meaning storing and accessing that spare bedding is effortless. Choose between a side-lifting (perhaps the Castello Side Ottoman Bed?) or front-lifting (try the Phoenix Ottoman Bed), depending on your preference.

As for storage, a sliding door wardrobe eliminates the issue of clearance room to open the doors. Simply slide it open; all you need is space for you to stand in front! We love the Charles 2 Door Sliding Wardrobe, as it has ample hanging room as well as compartments/shelves for your bags and shoes.

Merlin Study Bunk Bed


How is it that our children seem to have more stuff than we do? Keeping the kids’ room tidy, whether it’s their bedroom or their playroom, is an ongoing battle for most parents, and when space is tight it’s even harder to keep things neat.

Our Merlin Study Bunk Bed and Felix Low Sleeper Bed are great options for children’s beds – the kids get the novelty of a ladder to climb into bed, and there are drawers and shelves built into the base; the Merlin even has a pull-out desk! (Did we mention that built-in storage is good?)

Last, but not least, is Old Faithful - the ottoman - where it all began for us; inexpensive, versatile, and stylish. We have a variety of sizes, colours and fabrics to choose from and they are perfect for hiding away toys, books, games, etc.

If you have any small space tips and tricks, we’d love to see them! Either email us your pictures or share them on social media using #MyPandN. And don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for more space-saving ideas!

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