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Rocking in Retro: How to Get the Retro Look

It’s time to rock ‘n’ roll... or rock ‘n’ retro should I say! Here at PN Home we love the mid-century modern vibe. Retro interior design embraces style and trends from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. These interiors symbolise a ‘free’ society – focused on individual expression and social liberation.

Good vibes only. At PN Home our warm and playful furnishings emanate feelings of peace, love and happiness. The retro theme is influenced by designs from the past, present and future. Mid-century design trends are currently adorning our homes. This style is making a massive comeback – and it’s here to stay.

So, how do you rock the retro vibe? From iconic chairs and vintage-style beds to sleek sofas. The retro vibe is a perfect fit for period properties, modern households, and open-plan spaces. Here are some easy ways to style your humble abode the PN Home way.

Eiffel Style Dining Chair

Eiffel Style Dining Chair available to order in white or black in sets of 1, 2, and 4.

Iconic, innovative and illustrious are just a few humble words to describe this revolutionary masterpiece. Meet the “Eames inspired” Eiffel Dining Chair. Beautiful and refined. The formation of the chair effortlessly merges feminine design with masculine durability – ‘the iron fist inside the velvet glove’.

Rocking the scandi-style? This ‘work-of-art’ helps materialise the retro spirit into the interior of your home. The ergonomic design does not compromise on style or functionality. Our in-house design team have perfectly sculpted the seat to adapt to your body shape. Set on beech wooden legs and satin–black webbing aesthetically emanating the Eiffel tower. Perfect for adorning any space from your office to your home. A timeless aesthetic – symbolising the future as seen from the past.

Jamie Tulip Dining Chair

jamie tulip

Jamie Tulip Dining Chair available to order in a variety of colours in sets of 1, 2, and 4.

Relax in comfort. It’s time for us to introduce you PN Home’s beloved bestseller the ‘Jamie Tulip Dining Chair’. The chair is majestically fluid through its practical functionalities – but ultimately a form of art although ergonomically designed. The true epitome of Scandinavian living; the origin of the chair reflects the harmonious balance between nature and history, summer and winter, and modesty and extravagance.

Form, function, and frame. The seat shell has been shaped like a flower – exuding an understated retro elegance. The upholstered cushion adds extra comfort whilst the flared solid-wooden legs add additional stability. With its minimalist aesthetic, less is definitely more in this case. Play your part in this Nordic dream. These chairs are a perfect addition to family-homes, bustling offices or high-street coffee spots.

Quebec Bed

quebec bed

Quebec Bed available to order in small double, double, and king-size.

Beauty is simplified. Bedtime awaits. Picture your perfect room… cosy, calm and comfortable describes your ideal bedroom right? We have the perfect bed to make your bedroom a space of serenity. Simple, does not have to be boring. Make your dream a reality with PN Home’sQuebec Bed’. The bed has been perfectly sculpted with gently curved edges on the headboard and foot end giving it a retro 70's vibe. Set on light wooden legs the soothing grey upholstery compliments the scandi-cool vibe. This bed will definitely add a retro flair to your personal space!

Lambeth Sofa

Shop the Lambeth Collection available in a grey or duck-egg blue finish and as a large or medium sofa and armchair available within the range. 

Cute and compact. PN Home introduces the ‘Lambeth Sofa’. Minimalist aesthetic and streamlined shapes- the retro styled Lambeth is simply irresistible. We love the buttoned backrest complimented by the angled wooden legs. Natural wood and neutral tones add to the Nordic experience. Delicately upholstered in grey fabric with plush foam cushioning – perfect for putting your feet up! The Lambeth effortlessly oozes a scandi-style retro appeal- it's sure to make a statement in any environment.

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