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Interior design can be an expensive business, and whether you’re starting from scratch or updating your look, the costs of buying new furniture soon add up. Shopping around is a good way to make sure you’ve got the best deal, but who has the time?

That's why we’ve done the work for you; we’ve had a look at some of the big-name brands to see where we could save you some money. If you were to buy all of the products on the left - sold by the likes of John Lewis, Next, Wayfair, and - you would spend £4062.88, at least!

If you were to buy all the products on the right - P&N Homewares' alternatives - you'd spend just £1641.00, and you'd save a whopping £2421.88! That's an all-inclusive, two-week holiday abroad for two people; a brand new fitted kitchen; or 129 Large Domino's Texas BBQ Pizzas (just in case you needed ideas on how to spend that extra cash...)

If you like the idea of saving money, read on to see our ten favourite looks (for less!)…

1 - Maisons Du Monde's Mauricette Vintage Chair / P&N Homewares' Lucia Chair

One of our newest arrivals is the beautiful Lucia chair and it’s already a popular one – with a lush velvet finish and wood-effect metal legs, it combines elegance, style and strength. It’s available in five colours and has a quilt-effect backrest for added cool points. Of course, you could go for the Mauricette Vintage Chair from Maisons Du Monde, which offers more colours, but you’ll pay twice the price and you won’t get the stunning quilted detail on the back… your call!

MDM: £94.39 / P&N: £45.00 / SAVING: £49.39

2 - Wayfair Coddington Ottoman BedP&N Homewares' Phoenix Ottoman Bed

There’s not a lot to say here as these beds are pretty much identical – both are doubles with underbed storage, both are made from solid rubberwood, both are for the frame only, and both offer gas piston-powered lifting mechanisms. There may not be much to compare here, but we think that the £118 price difference says enough, don’t you?

WAYFAIR: £491.99 / P&N: £374.00 / SAVING: £117.99

3 - Maisons Du Monde Long Island Solid Fir & Metal Console TableP&N Homewares' Urban Console Table

For the price of one of Maisons Du Monde’s Long Island Console Table, you could buy two of our Urban Console Tables and still have money to spare! With only a few centimetres difference in size, these tables don’t differ greatly; the big difference is the table top. MdM’s table features a solid wood surface – spruce with a lightly bleached finish, to be precise – whereas P&N’s table has a particle board top with a veneer finish. We can’t say anything against solid wood because, let’s face it, it’s beautiful! But will it stay beautiful? Ever tried to get a red wine stain out of solid wood? Our wood-effect veneer is durable, wipe-clean, and pretty dang convincing, if we do say so ourselves.

MDM: £171.50 / P&N: £67.00 / SAVING: £104.50

4 - Habitat's Jerry Dining Chair with Metal BaseP&N Homewares' Valentina Chair

Habitat’s Jerry Dining Chair with Metal Base comes in at £40 more than our Valentina Chair, with just minimal differences. The Jerry features a cushioned seat-pad and there are subtle differences to the leg design, but we reckon the Valentina is a perfect alternative for the Jerry – in fact, you could buy two and still save a fiver!

HABITAT: £75.00 / P&N: £35.00 / SAVING: £40.00

5 - Next's Hoxton Chevron BedP&N Homeware's Urban Bed

The Urban Range is back but this time it’s up against Next’s Hoxton Chevron Bed. The Hoxton is a combination of solid pine and metal, with a chevron patterned headboard, and comes in at just under £600. Our Urban Bed (priced at £249) is a solid particle board with a wood-effect veneer exterior, and again features a metal framework. Neither include the mattress but both include a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. At less than half the price of the Hoxton, the Urban bed is a great alternative.

NEXT: £599.00 / P&N: £249.00 / SAVING: £350.00

6 - John Lewis' Bergen ChairP&N Homewares' Bow Chair

The Bergen and the Bow have a similar frame but the slight variations in the backrest, the legs, and the seat cushion make these two a little more different than our other comparisons. P&N’s Bow Chair has a more rounded back and a lower seat, despite the longer legs, and comes in four rich colour options. John Lewis’ Bergen Chair has a deeper base which does give it a cosy and squishy appearance, but it also has a price tag of £649. What could you do with that extra £452?

JL: £649.00 / P&N: £197.00 / SAVING: £452.00

7 - Habitat's Jerry Chair with Solid Oak LegsP&N Homewares' Jamie Tulip Chair

The Jamie Tulip Chair is a popular chair at P&N Homewares; with solid wooden legs and a durable plastic moulded seat, it’s modern, stylish and Scandi-cool. Habitat’s Jerry Chair with Solid Oak Legs is practically identical, with both available in a range of colours, however the Jerry comes in at £85 for just one chair. The Jamie Tulip can be purchased as a single for £33, a Set of 2 for £59, or a Set of 4 for £110 - only £25 more than one Jerry. Between Jerry and Jamie, we know who we’re having dinner with...

HABITAT: £85.00 / P&N: £33.00 / SAVING: £52

8 -'s Orkney Storage OttomanP&N Homewares' Suede Storage Ottoman with Diamantes - Large’s Orkney Storage Ottoman does have a handy lifting lid function, but other than that, it’s very similar to our Suede Storage Ottoman. The dimensions are almost the same, both feature a cushioned top, and the added bonus with ours is that it can be folded flat when it’s not being used. Ours also has diamante detailing on the lid and comes in at just £31 – an absolute bargain! 

MADE: £399.00 / P&N: £31.00 / SAVING: £368.00

9 - John Lewis' Annabelle ArmchairP&N Homewares' Padstow Chair

John Lewis’ Annabelle Chair is available in a host of different fabrics and colours which – if you’re after something very specific – is great. However, if you’re opting for a fresh vibe and keeping your colour palette neutral, then why over-complicate things? The Padstow is everything you need with two calming shades available AND at half the price.

Note: The Padstow is SO popular that it’s out of stock at the time of publishing – it’s due back in the first week of July so watch this space!

JL: £499.00+ / P&N: £255.00 / SAVING: £244

10 - Swoon Editions' Vincent ArmchairP&N Homewares' Florence Snuggle Chair

Both chairs have an iconic box shape, a sumptuous velvet exterior, and Chesterfield-style button detailing; the main difference here is the base, with Swoon Editions’ Vincent Armchair featuring gold-effect legs and P&N’s Florence Snuggle Chair standing on wooden ones. This comparison is our favourite though because you could save a whopping £599 by choosing our Florence Chair over Swoon’s Vincent – and with the money you save, you could get the matching sofa too!

SWOON: £999.00 / P&N: £355.00 / SAVING: £644

Oh, and if you're still not convinced...'s probably worth noting that we offer free UK* shipping on all items and Next Day Delivery on most items when you order before 2pm. If you order through the alternative brands, you could be paying up to £69.80 for delivery, plus waiting a total of 8-10 weeks to receive all your items.

Why spend more and wait longer? Get the look faster and for less with P&N Homewares!

- *Small charges occasionally apply to Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland, please see website for more details.

- All comparisons being made are with similar looking products – to achieve ‘that look for less’.

- No comparisons have been made on a like-for-like basis.

- Products have been found on each brand website and comparisons are correct as of June 2018.

- No attempt has been made to discredit or denigrate another product, trade name or other distinguishing mark.

- All our pricing are correct at the time of publishing and are not promotion prices, they’re just great value! 

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