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Furniture, Fabric and Fun: Bring Your Home Design to Life

Take a look around. Texture is all around us. Interior design furnishings can be described as being hard, soft, rough, smooth, glossy, matte – or anything in-between. At PN Home we know texture adds depth and dimension to every room. But what does this mean for you?

Let texture be the star

We live in a world with a wealth of textures. Texture is not just visual – but goes beyond this. As humans, touch is the first sense to form. Texture is the only element of design that is capable of exuding a depth of emotion. Incorporating a variety of fabrics and finishes in your space will help harmonise the balance between your senses. You can embrace as many textures and tones as you like – let your mind be your playground of imagination. Add some fabric and flair to your personal retreat- and maximise beauty within your home.

Transform your space

Textures such as wood, metal and fabric add style and substance. We have included our personal favourites below – perfect for bringing your design to life!

Show-off curves

Valentina Velvet Chair - £65.00

Feel regal. Boasting a cocooning shaped seat which hugs the contours of your body. Sink into the plush surroundings of this sinfully soft velvet. Sleek, smooth and silky. This mid-century inspired design is set on steel-black angled geometric legs. The flattering combination between metal and velvet reflects the love affair with industrial chic. Our in-house design team at PN Home have majestically sculptured the seat to ensure maximum comfort and style. From your office to your home, this chair is perfect for adorning your personal space.

Our Valentina Velvet Chairs are available in a spectrum of colours. Available in sets of one, two and four.

Pretty in pink

Lucia Dining Chair - £45.00

In the battle of comfort vs. style – Lucia’s going for gold. Inspired by vintage Hollywood glamour the Lucia chair exudes charisma, drama and charm. Upholstered in a lush velvet finish and set on wood-effect metal legs. Our in-house design team have sculptured the chair with inspiration from natural and synthetic materials. The plush velvet exudes a touch of femininity whilst the wood-effect legs reflect stability. This marriage between textures is flawless. The curved seat and quilted detail on the back is perfect for embellishing contemporary and vintage settings. It’s time to sink into the cushioned seat and see for yourself.

Our Lucia Dining Chairs available in a spectrum of colours. Available in sets of one, two and four.

A trio of textures

Olivia Fabric Chair - £68.00

Sit in comfort. Exclusive to PN Home our Olivia Fabric Chair has been elegantly designed. The cut-out back and ergonomic seat compliments the curved structure. This chair effortlessly merges together a trio of textures; metal, wood and fabric. Scandinavian style combines the use of metallic finishes and wooden elements. Upholstered in a textured woven polyester fabric. Supported by an Eiffel base and wooden dowel legs. The use of woven fabric brings a perfect balance to the raw wood and industrial metal love affair. The scandi-cool vibe is reflected through its clean lines and minimal details. With foam-cushioned seating and armrests for ultimate seating comfort.

Available in a variety of muted earthy tones including; cream, light grey, dark grey and brown.

Leather love

Zarah Armchair - £70.00 (was £95.00)


The look. The touch. The scent. Leather is simply, extraordinary. Functionally designed yet aesthetically pleasing. Introducing, the Zarah ArmchairPN Home have thoughtfully constructed this chair with perfection. Designed for relaxation. The sweeping sides and tub-design embraces the contours of your body – a perfect space for snuggling into. Upholstered in a faux leather finish and set on sleek-black metal angled legs. This chair effortlessly exudes a rustic hand-finished look. This chair exhibits the seamless merge between natural and synthetic textures – where country meets the city. Perfect for use as accent chairs or as accompanying dining chairs in your home.

Available in warm, earthy tones (dark brown, brown, grey and beige) in a single, set of 2 or set of 4.

Rugs to riches

Rugs hold the power in transforming the interior of your home. At PN Home we have a collection of traditional and modern rugs available in shaggy and sleek to patterns and prints. No matter what shape, texture or colour; rugs effortlessly pull the whole look of a room together in an instance. Whether you prefer a textured shabby-chic finish or geometric print on your rug – we have the perfect rug for radiating an ambience of warmth and love within your home. Add the final piece of the puzzle in your room and add some flair to your floors.

Browse our range of traditional, shaggy, plain, modern, patterned, printed and runner rugs here

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