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Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is soon approaching and we all struggle to find the perfect gift for our loved ones, so we’ve put together a few ideas which will help you find that special something. With an extensive range of items in stock there’s an item here for everyone whether big or small. Here’s some gift ideas take a look...

1) Romano Moda Chair  - Price £38

The Romano Chair is a perfect gift idea for your father, built from durable materials these chairs offer superior comfort when needed and its stylish design adds a unique element to it – which is why it’s so popular! Available in a range of colours and other alternative Moda designs.

2) Manhattan Recliner Chair – £362

The Manhattan recliner chair is the ultimate gift for Father’s Day. Made from luxury leather the lazy boy style recliner chair is the true destination of relaxation – You’ll probably struggle to get them away from this amazing piece of furniture!

3) Dora Desk Lamp - £40

It’s not all about the large presents for Father’s Day, the small thoughtful ideas can sometimes the be best! This Dora Desk lamp is a perfect lighting solution for those dads who spend long hours reading or even working at home. The lamp is small and adjustable which makes it the perfect gift.

4) Charisma Shelf TV Unit –  £170

This beautiful TV unit is the perfect gift for Father’s Day if your dad loves to relax watching his favorite television programs. Not only is the Charisma unit charming and sleek but also offers a practical storage solution to place games, consoles, remotes. 

5) Chronos Vintage Wall Clock £80

This Vintage gold clock would be a thoughtful gift idea for Father’s Day. Built from durable materials this charming clock creates a unique center point in any home and you’ll guarantee your dad won’t be late again!

6) Chrono Patchwork Tub Chair - £64.99

The patchwork chair is amazing gift for Father’s Day especially if he’s nostalgic. This chair combines elegance with a retro feel to create a perfect statement piece which always grasps attention when seen. The retro geometric patterns display unique personality and character to this chair and the solid durable materials make this chair even more comfortable.

7) Hollywood Lamp Table – £35

This noble Hollywood table is the idea gift idea for Father’s Day. Practical and elegant this table offers additional storage and character to any bedroom its placed in – It’s a bargain as well!

8) Sherborne Fireside Chair - £239.99

This gorgeous arm chair demonstrates how a comfortable chair should be. Supporting arm rests and cushion makes it’s the ultimate gift for Father’s Day. You will find it very difficult to get your dad to move out of this chair! 

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