Mother’s Day home decor gift ideas 2022

TOP 5 favourite gift ideas 1. Harper Patchwork Armchair – £280.00 Fun, colourful and quirky! It really is out of this world! The Harper Patchwork Armchair has been meticulously crafted and designed with utmost precision to detail. Upholstered in a soft polyester patchwork design and cushioned foam seating! Comfort levels are premium. This chair is the perfect gift – suitable for a variety of interior settings. Lending itself perfectly to a modern or traditional setting. Buy a Mother’s Day gift to remember. Treat your loved ones. The unique shape of... Read More


Japanese Interior Design Trends: wabi-sabi

Appreciate everything in its natural form The Japanese design aesthetic of wabi-sabi is taking the interior world by storm. The principle of acknowledging and appreciating beauty in its natural form transcends into our homes. Minimalism focuses on neat streamlined formations, whereas, wabi-sabi wants you to embrace nature. Japanese style interiors embrace authenticity through the use of wood, stone, ceramics, concrete, and cast iron objects. Create a sense of serenity and harmony through the use of a neutral colour palette, concoction of textures and natural materials. Less is definitely more in... Read More

New Decade, New Year, New You!

New decade, new year, new you You have made it through the decade. In hindsight, it’s been a tumultuous ten years – from memes that broke the internet to the political crisis that broke us. In the interior design world, we’ve seen it all. From chevron wallpaper, striped carpets, mirrored furnishings, word-decor, accent walls to all-grey-everything – these are the trends we wave goodbye to. It’s fair to say some moments made us, and others broke us. But despite it all, 2020 is the year YOU reign supreme (yes, you!).... Read More