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Top 5 favourite dining chairs with armrests

Stuck between deciding whether you need dining chairs with or without armrests? It’s an age-old debate. The perks of armrests are ‘lengthy’ but we have simplified our favourite reasons. They add comfort, style and functionality. And the drawbacks? Well there really aren’t any. Are you team ‘arms’ or team ‘no-arms’? Well, you know what we mean…We have listed our top 5 favourite dining chairs with armrests. Keep reading, and see what chairs tickle your fancy! Verona Velvet Dining Chair V E R O N A ‘meaning truth; romantic city in... Read More


Top 10 stylish home office desk chairs

PN Home’s ultimate guide to choosing the best budget office chair. We have carefully picked our favourite top 10 desk chairs suitable for every style. Level-up your at-home work space. It’s time to leave ordinary boring black office chairs (*yawn*) as a thing of the past. I mean, they might be somewhat comfortable, but they are soo outdated and uninspiring right? Remember, your seat is like your companion. Be inspired with luxury office chairs that are cool, chic, fun and ultra trendy! Where form meets function, and then some. Give... Read More