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​​Beauty in Bloom: Spring Clean your Humble Abode the PN Home Way

Spring is the season of rebirth. A new season awakens the desire for us to rejuvenate our home

and surroundings. Spring is in full swing with all the buds, blossoms, and blooms. The essence

of spring evokes optimism and prosperity. This is the perfect time to invite the sunshine and

energy into your humble abode as we trade winter decor for something brighter. As the saying

goes, 'out with the old and in with the new' and PN Home is here to show you how.

Struggling for inspiration? Seasonal colours can help.

It's easy to accomplish a look you love with just a hint of inspiration. If you truly want to

capture the spirit of spring within your home, you need to step away from the dreary winter

with limited colour presence and embrace colours of happiness and hope. Decorating with

colour allows us to transition from one season to the next. Colours such as blues, greens, pinks

and yellows take inspiration from natural elements: the sun, sea, grass and flowers.

There is no better time than the present to spruce-up your personal retreat. Nature is awake and

ready to be embraced. The charms of the season awaken our senses where we feel compelled to

welcome an abundance of colour, pattern and texture into our lives. Here are some of our

favourite spring decorating ideas that will transform your space to the home of your dreams.

Patchwork Eiffel Chair

Moda Patchwork Eiffel Armchair Currently on offer - £55.00

A historical design lovingly curated with an exquisite array of fabrics

Contemporary comfort

This fine design lounge chair has been uniquely crafted with distinguished patchwork

upholstery. PN Home’s inhouse design team were inspired by a palette of demure accent tones and

vibrant citrus shades.

The seat gently curves to support the contours of the body, while the beech wooden legs and

black satin Eiffel webbing reflects contemporary modern charm. Retro glamour is embodied

through the highly creative yet minimalistic architectural structure of the chair.

This vibrant and versatile chair is a perfect fit in all kinds of settings, from your office to your

home. Whether it is used as an accompanying dining chair or as a classic statement piece. We

think this chair will be sure to leave a lasting impression through its organic yet authentic

style... hard to best this!

Nordic 3 Drawer chest

Nordic 3 Drawer Chest - £82.00

A simple timeless Scandinavian inspired design effortlessly capturing urban chic.

Practically perfect

PN Homes Nordic collection reflects a minimalist yet reclaimed style perfectly fitting in with the spring

feels of 'something old and something new'. This contemporary modern design has been fused

with natural elements of wood and metal - where country meets the city.

Inspiration from reclaimed and reinvented materials with imperfect finishes compliments this

scandi-style. The round tapered pine legs, distressed paintwork, and streamlined framework

contributes to the advanced design aesthetic. An earthy and neutral colour palette has been

used to ensure this collection is 'Nordic and nice'.

This chest of drawers will be a perfect addition to any room, whether it’s used to store

knick-knacks or your most prized possessions - it will certainly spruce-up your space for spring!

Framed print

Exclusive Prints, currently on offer - £40.00 

Palm Island Framed Print

Abstract Art

Whilst rejuvenating your personal space for the season - don't leave your walls out of the fun!

We have carefully handpicked a selection of our wall art that will ensure a splash of spring is

incorporated within your home, each one is unique and finished by hand.

These geometric prints are colourful and expressive - each print reflects its own unique story.

They can be used as a collage or simply as its own focal point. These prints echo the natural

pattern of spring, symbolising; regeneration, reformation and reconnection. We know that your

home should be a personal sanctuary; a place of tranquillity and restoration. We are all about

spreading positive vibes - find the perfect work of art that makes your soul happy. Wherever

you place it, these aesthetically pleasing pieces will be sure to gather admiring glances.

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