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Back to School Guide: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

*Beep beep* the repetitive beeping of the alarm clock wakes you up. Are you ready? It’s time to get the kids ready to go back to school - once again. Mornings can be stressful enough. Parents all over the country are getting ready to juggle getting the kids out of bed, making breakfast, packing lunch boxes – and oh yes getting themselves ready for work. We know this is not always smooth sailing and we want to help you out!

We know chaotic mornings involve kids sleeping through their alarm, someone sneakily watching tv despite the ‘no screen time’ rule, refusal to eat breakfast or brush their teeth or get dressed without a constant reminder. When it’s time to leave the house a sock or shoe miraculously disappears. And just when you think it couldn’t get any worse... you deal with the refusal of your child not wearing a coat because it’s not ‘cool’. When you manage to ‘successfully’ drop the kids to school... that little voice inside your head mutters, same time tomorrow? Even though you sometimes feel the urge to pull your hair out, these moments of organised chaos are truly memorable and priceless.

You are probably excited and a little nervous about preparing your child for their next milestone in life. Summer is over and the school season is waiting to be embraced. We know it can be expensive raisings kids, therefore our back to school collection at PN Home features budget-friendly furniture and furnishings that will last for years to come. We want to lend an extra helping hand – use code SCHOOLROCKS19 at checkout for 10% off. There is no time like the present. We believe our children are the future and we want you to be prepared.

Kids Eiffel Chair £16.00- Monkeying around

Image by: Manuella.lpm

Good things come in small sizes. Functional, fashionable and fun. Introducing the ‘Eames inspired’ Eiffel chair in a miniature size designed especially for children. The iconic design compromises of an ergonomic moulded polypropylene plastic shell. Constructed from safe, sustainable and robust materials. Crafted with durable plastic to ensure its easy to clean after the little’uns. The shape of the seat has been designed with specific proportions ensuring ultimate seating comfort. We know kids should sit comfortably for extended periods of time especially whilst colouring, drawing and doing homework. Iconic style and practical structure. Featuring wooden legs and an ‘Eiffel’ inspired network of metal bars. Perfect for any type of flooring due to the non-slip and anti-scratch caps on the legs. Perfect for complementing children’s bedrooms, nurseries and play areas. Give playtime a modern boost and let your child’s mind be their playground of imagination.

At PN Home we also feature aPair of Children’s Hex Chair and a Pair of Children’s Patchwork Bourne Chairs – perfect for the littlest members of the family. All other chairs we feature are adult-size and adult-friendly!

Kingston Study Desk £135.00Sturdy to study

Contemporary, cool and compact. Let us introduce the Kingston Study Desk. There is no need to compromise on style and storage. Featuring tapered wooden legs and grey painted panels with built-in storage. It is practically perfect. Scandi-vibes are reflected through the beech-veneer finish, angled legs and elegant two-tone finish. This desk features generous storage for books, stationery and knick-knacks. Perfect for keeping your child’s essentials neatly tidied away. The surface top can be easily wiped. Our inhouse design team at PN Home have crafted the desk to be ideal for drawing, colouring, reading and studying. Clean lines and minimalistic style help add a retro twist to any contemporary setting. A study desk will help kids retrain their brains to focus and be ready to learn. Homework will seem much more appealing with this funky desk!

At PN Home we believe education starts at home. We have a range of desks available that are suitable for under 10’s, teens, and young adults.

Paddington Midi Sleeper Bed £302.00Sweet dreams

Does your child deserve a good night’s sleep? We agree with you! Sleep is vital for a child’s growth and development. Our inhouse design team at PN Home have beautifully crafted the Paddington Midi Sleeper Bed to ensure your child gets a peaceful sleep at night. This bed will help see your child through the good and the bad; including visits from the tooth-fairy, snuggling up to listen to bedtime stories, and hiding under the covers from the monsters under the bed. With plenty of space for storage, the cupboards and shelves will help store your child’s mountain of toys, books and miscellaneous belongings. Safe, stylish and supportive. With a solid base for comfort and durability the raised sides protect your child from falling over- so you too can enjoy a peaceful night’s rest! There’s plenty of space to play, snooze and store things. Perfect for those smaller rooms, this compact arrangement allows you to save plenty of valuable floor space.

Available in white with pink, blue or oak accents or black with walnut accents. We have the perfect bed for your most prized possession, your child. It’s important to start the morning and end the day right. We have a wide range of beds available which are suitable for older and younger children in an array of sizes.

Crescita Room Divider £84.00Shapes and lines

Stylish storage to the rescue – the Crescita Room Divider is here to save the day! Incorporating both substance and style this contemporary shelving unit is the perfect storage solution. The use of high-quality materials and fixings ensure a stable and durable unit. Perfect for use under the stairs, as a shelving area - or even as a room divider for shared bedrooms to help stop those unnecessary squabbles. This multipurpose storage solution is ideal for organising and storing books, toys, and other bits and bobs. Simplistic yet stylish. Suitable for daily use this modern unit is built to last through its scratch-resistant finish. Look no further. There is no need to compromise on function, character and style any longer.

Available in a white and oak finish. We know the importance of reading; stories hold the power to enlighten your child’s mind. The space to store books within a funky unit will help promote reading. We have a wide range of storage solutions including shelving units and bookcases to suit the needs of your child.

Kiddy Play Planet Rug From £21.00Out of this world

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… It’s easy for our minds to wander and to dream of the perfect home. Here at PN Home we want your dreams to become a reality. Our Kiddy Play Planet Rug will keep your little ones amused through its interactive and bright design. Your child will be learning without knowing that they are! This educational rug can be adorned in bedrooms, play areas, nurseries and schools. Beautifully crafted from 100% nylon this rug is soft yet durable. We know the nature of kids and know they enjoy getting messy. It can withstand those occasional drink spillages, paint marks and muddy feet as it is completely washable. Add some fun to your child’s bedroom!

At PN Home we have a wide range of rugs available in fresh colour palettes and winning designs for your little boys and girls.

Grasp Touch Table Lamp £38.00 Lighten up!

Lights, camera and action! Our inhouse design team at PN Home have majestically crafted this Grasp Touch Table Lamp. Eluding an understated elegance to any corner of your home. The lamp has been beautifully crafted with a chrome or black spherical finish with acrylic and frosted glass centre. Built to last through its sturdy and durable finish. The lamp has been impeccably designed to allow three levels of brightness including low, medium and high. Ideal for use on your bedside table or as a great addition to your child’s study desk. We think this lamp is the perfect gift for motivating your hardworking little warriors!

We have an array of lamps available to adorn every child’s room no matter what age. Our collection of lamps will help your little'uns wind down after a busy day.

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